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We work with and represent people with Down syndrome to help them achieve their full potential in all life stages.  We deliver value to the people we represent, and their families and carers, through information, peer support, advocacy, education and service, from a dedicated professional team with lived experience.

DSA NSW is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that was established in 1980 by parents of children with Down syndrome.  Today the DSA NSW board and staff is a team of parents and professionals who share lived experiences, skills and abilities to provide the best opportunities for our members to achieve their full potential.

We provide

  • A dedicated information and referral service for families and professionals
  • Peer to peer support to families at all life stages
  • A library resource centre of information and resources about Down syndrome in Australia
  • Workshops and community events for members
  • Professional development and training for education and health professionals
  • Representation for the interests and needs of people with Down syndrome at state and federal levels
  • A voice for people with Down syndrome and their families in public discourse and policy development
  • Social networking and self-advocacy opportunities for adults with Down syndrome.

DSA NSW is a member of Down Syndrome Australia, a federation of eight State and Territory associations which represents the interests of our constituency at a national level.