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Inclusive education is not only about supporting the rights of a child with Down syndrome to education within a common learning environment, it should also focus on building the social networks and connections necessary for that person to be an active, contributing, and valued member of the school community. For children and young people, school is an important space where a sense of belonging and connection is formed, sustained and supported through both formal and informal activities and interactions. Students who feel more accepted, included and involved in their school are more likely to be engaged in classroom learning, in extracurricular activities, in interpersonal relationships, and in the wider school community.

Down Syndrome NSW can provide access to a Community Inclusion Toolkit which includes a section on Education. These resources have been developed for educators and teachers, families, people with Down syndrome and the general community to promote better understanding of inclusive education and what adjustments, both academic and social, can be made to support the participation of all. The Education resources are available at: 

Community Inclusion Toolkit – Education Resources