What is this about?

Down Syndrome NSW works to make a better life for people with Down syndrome.

We have a number of ways to do this:



We think that people with Down syndrome are the experts in their own lives.

The Lived Experience Advisory Panel, or LEAP project ensures that DS NSW is informed about the needs of our members.

The LEAP working group comprises people with Down syndrome who meet three times a year. This group informs the work of DS NSW.

Easy Read - Making Information Accessible

Many people find it hard to read and understand wrtitten information

Having information in an Easy Read format helps to keep it understandable and concise.

Easy Read focuses on key information rather than all the detail.

Images and words help the reader to get the message.

DS NSW is committed to providing information in Easy Read as well as raising awareness of its benefits to our members.

We are collecting and collating Easy Read documents on a range of different topics. Some of these Easy Read documents are for borrowing from the library, whilst others are available on the web.

Once you start looking there is a lot of information that is available in Easy Read format. Always see if information is available in Easy Read because making information accessible helps people to be a part of what is happening.

Once you are familiar with the Easy Read format, you can try making your own custom made Easy Read documents for every day use.

Up Club Central and 9 Up Club local groups

The Up Clubs are social groups for adults with Down syndrome. With over 366 members, in 2015-16 over 360 Up Club activities were held.

This is a great chance to socialise, meet new friends and learn about the NDIS too.

Making links in the Community to increase participation of members

DS NSW makes strategic alliances in the the community to increase opportunities for members.

Show Off Art Festival

Show Off is a biannual Arts Festival highlighting the abilities of people with a disability in all areas of the arts.