UpClub smallWhat is Up!Club?

Up! Club is a social group for adults with

Down syndrome in Sydney

It is part of Down Syndrome NSW

Members get together to do things and meet friends

The Up! Club meets about 3 times each month

Some activities are during the day

Some activities are in the evening

Flavio, the Up! Club Coordinator, organises activities

Flavio goes to activities with volunteer helpers


Who is the Up! Club for?

For adults with Down syndrome who are over 18.



What do Up! Club members do?

Up! Club members do many different things together:







Harbour cruises and much more …

Up! Club Planning

The Up! Club is run by the Up! Club members.

Each year we have an Up! Club Planning meeting.

You can have your say about activities and how it is run.

Getting to events – Meeting Points

We meet at a central meeting point for Up! Club events.

We all arrive at the meeting point then go on to the

Up! Club activity together.

Currently we have 3 meeting points.

Each meeting point is at a café at a Sydney train station.

The stations are Town Hall, Circular Quay and Central. 

Getting home

At the end of an evening activity we can supervise you into a taxi home and text details to your family

How do I join the Up! Club?

You join the Up! Club by

  1. becoming a member of Down Syndrome NSW; and
  2. completing an Up! Club application form.

Call Down Syndrome NSW on (02) 9841 4444 for more information on the Up! Club