People with Down syndrome want to work for the same reasons as everyone else – so that they can be independent, have good self esteem and take pride in their work, contribute to society, earn their own money, learn new skills, meet new people, and feel valued.

People with Down syndrome can achieve great things in the workplace when given the opportunity. While people with Down syndrome have an intellectual disability, each person is an individual and brings their own strengths, skills and qualities to their job.

Down Syndrome NSW is developing a network of employers who champion disability-friendly workplaces for people with Down syndrome.

If you are interested in providing meaningful and sustainable employment to a person with Down syndrome, these resources will help employers to recruit and retain employees with Down syndrome to bring those benefits to their workplace. 

Down Syndrome NSW presents A New ERA (Employer Recruitment Assistance) for employers committed to employing people with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Australia Employer Resources

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Case Study

If you could have your dream job, what would it be?

Bernie in uniform 1 cropped

Bernie has hit the jackpot with her dream job as Welcomer at Novotel Sydney Central. When the general manager of Novotel approached Down Syndrome NSW with the express desire to employ two people with Down syndrome, we were thrilled to assist. We ran a recruitment drive through our membership and assisted Novotel with the application process by developing EasyRead applications, advertising the position to our members and generally providing advice and assistance on how best to support someone with Down syndrome in the workplace.  Bernie is one of the successful applicants and is now progressing her employment goals thanks to Down Syndrome NSW and Novotel.

Bernie’s role is to welcome guests into the hotel and assist them to check-in and with their luggage. “I meet and greet people when they come in and assist with their luggage. I also clean the brass on the doors and  check the kids play area for any rubbish that’s lying around.  When asked what Bernie liked most about her job, she replied “I like everything about it. And other staff are really friendly”. 

Bernie works 3 days a week, takes public transport to and from work and no longer requires a support worker.  She is completely independent in the workforce.