Down Syndrome NSW can deliver in-service training to midwives, social workers, GPs, genetic counsellors and other health professionals working with people with Down syndrome and their families in a medical setting.

Working with New Families

Designed specifically for social workers in the hospital environment, this session draws together extensive experience of family support workers with the most up to date information and research on best practice to support families with a newly diagnosed baby with Down syndrome.

Down syndrome: An Update for Child & Family Health Nurses

Medical knowledge around infants and toddlers with Down syndrome has grown exponentially in the last decade and research continues. This session brings together the latest medical information from around the world on this age group and the best practice for supporting good health and development opportunities.

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Down Syndrome Australia has developed resources to provide evidenced-based advice to health professionals to better understand how to support people with Down syndrome within the health system. Resources have also been developed for people with Down syndrome and their families to be prepared and informed about hospital stays, building relationships with GPs and decision making.

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Down Syndrome Today - video resource link