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We work to support in NSW  all people with Down syndrome to achieve their full potential in all life stages

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About Us

The Down Syndrome Association of NSW was established in 1980 by parents of young people with Down syndrome. As the children of the founding members grew to adolescence and adulthood, so too our services extended to all life stages. We now provide information and support, advocacy, capacity building workshops, training in schools, community participation programs, pre-natal expert advice, new parent resources and support and specialist employment preparation and connection.

We are an enthusiastic team of professionals with expertise in our relevant fields of service provision, support and advocacy.  Some of us have lived experience with a family member with Down syndrome, some bring a range of expertise and industry experience.  We are here to support you – all working together to help our members with Down syndrome achieve their full potential.

Support our Vital Work

Your donation today will make a positive impact in the lives of individuals with Down Syndrome.

Here are just some of the areas your donation could go towards.


Can provide a medical professional a information pack which results in improved awareness, early intervention and overall education of Down Syndrome.


Can provide a new baby welcome kit, providing parents with new babies educational information about Down Syndrome as well as precious gifts for their new baby.


Can provide a a hospital visit from a registered nurse with lives experience to a new born and their parents. This visit is invaluable in educating new parents connecting them with vital support.


Can provide a complex care support call from one of our friendly team members


Can provide equipment for our teens and adults fun camps


Sponsor an activity for our kids, adult and teens groups through our social programs.

Become a Member

We strongly encourage all people with Down syndrome to become members in their own right. We also offer memberships for family members, supporters and organisations.

Our membership is free and you can join by completing the online membership form below.

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